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So far, 2016 has been pretty busy! 

Spring finally arrived this year after a very long and very painful winter.  As the one year anniversary of losing Jason approached and then passed, we reflected on this huge loss by spending time together as a family.

We celebrated the spring by donating fresh flowers to Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, IL.  It was a very special day, being able to visit and speak with Susan, one of Jason's nurses. We were happy to be able to brighten up some patients' day with the vases.


In May, Jason's parents, Ann and Jorge, hosted the 2nd Annual Outback Steakhouse Fundraiser in Jason's memory.  Money raised went to Camp Quality, an organization we have worked with now for 2 years, helping kids with cancer be KIDS!!


In June, we hosted the 2nd annual Jason de la Garza Memorial Picnic in Lockport, IL.  This year, we were able to fund two children through Camp Quality as well as pay for the year round activities for them and their families.


The summer also found us collecting books for senior centers and low income areas.  We donated several boxes of books to Bernie's Book Bank in Lake Bluff IL, an organization that gets books into the hands of children who otherwise would not have access. 

We finished out the summer with a School Supply Drive benefiting Brighton Park Elementary School in Chicago. Special Education teacher Julia Wilson was more than thrilled to receive not only $250 for uniforms and subscriptions to childrens publications, but over 1,000 school supply items!   We thank you all for your continued support and look forward to the rest of 2016! 

Check back soon for more pictures of the changes we are making in our world!


Make it a GREAT day!

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