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Jason Todd de la Garza


Jason was a confident Christian who was not ashamed to share and teach the word. He enjoyed a strong and loving relationship with the Lord and was ALWAYS ready and willing to help someone who needed anything. He was an amazing, good, genuine, faithful and happy man. He WALKED the WALK, consistently.


Monday, February 23rd, 2015 was a very dark day for our family, our friends and our community, as we lost an amazing man.


Diagnosed with gastric cancer after a visit to the ER revealed a mass in his stomach, Jason suffered a cardiac event after a week-long stay in the hospital and did not survive. At just 41 years old, Jason was too young to be taken from us.


How to introduce you to this amazing man? To know him was to love him.   He could start a conversation about ANYTHING and respected and listened to other's views without judgement. One minute with this man, and you knew that you just made a new friend.


Believer. Son. Husband. Friend. Uncle. Brother. Son-In-Law. Cousin. Nephew. Co-Worker. Volunteer.


Please take a look at our website and get to know Jason.  He enhanced the lives of all of us.  The seamless way he shared his loving heart and generous spirit make us want to be better people.




Jason is the son of Jorge and Ann de la Garza.  He was adored by all and raised with love and respect. All will agree he brought those attributes to his personal and work relationships in his adult years.


Jason was the beloved husband of Allison.  Married in May 2005, Jason and Allison surrounded themselves with friends and family. They enjoyed date nights, traveling, volunteering and a good

Chicago style pizza!


Jason was a best friend, a great guy.  He was the person you wanted to get stuck in the elevator with.

He was loyal and truthful and reliable.  He lived a huge life with numerous friends whose children called him "uncle" and he never met a stranger.


Jason never turned away from an opportunity to help others.  Whether it was helping a friend move, assisting at a work function, or volunteering for his favored organization, Lamb's Farm, he gave back with his kind and generous heart.

Suddenly, as rare things will, it vanished.
                          --Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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